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2020 surely has not been nice to us. With the COVID-19 that has been living among us, we are being introduced to the terms of social distancing and stay at home. For those who are staying at home, lucky for you, we have the best 2020’s movies for you that you could stream on netflix. Check out this link to apply for time internet plan Malaysia for your perfect streaming experience.

Enola Holmes

Who doesn’t know Sherlock Holmes right? The most famous detective in the world with incredible intuition and the one who can solve every crime with ease. As a kid, we have at least dreamt of being like Sherlock Holmes for once. Being the mastermind of a detective with 190 IQ that could find any bad guys everywhere in the world. Sounds cool right? But, what if I told you that he got a younger sister who is, even more, a brilliant detective than he is.

The story of the movie revolves around Enola Holmes. When the teenage sister of Sherlock Holmes discovers her mother is missing, she starts to locate her, becoming a super-sleuth in her own right when she outwits her famous brother and unravels a dangerous plot involving a mysterious young Lord.

For those who miss Sherlock Holmes, this should be a suitable fit for you. With a fresh and new perspective, this movie offers us a new and unique twist from the predecessors. Although some of you might be disappointed that Sherlock is not the main character in this movie, don’t you guys worry, because we got a new sheriff in town folks, and her name is Enola Holmes.

It is nice to see a detective movie that has an 1800s vibe being released. For those detectives and crime fans out there, don’t miss the chance to see this movie on Netflix.

365 Days

365 Days has been the most-watched movie in Netflix Malaysia for the year 2020. Following a successful theatrical run in Poland and a limited British release earlier this year, it has become a viral sensation in the Netflix movies chart. As the number one most-watched movie on Netflix in Malaysia, 365 days does not shy away from its controversies. Many critics and movie reviewers described the movie as softcore porn that promotes rape culture and Stockholm syndrome. Even with the backlash that the movie received, it stands strong as the number one most-watched movie in Malaysia and top 10 most-watched movie in other countries such as the United States, Brazil, Spain, India, and Italy.

As controversial as it is, you can not deny that the movie itself has been a major popular entertainment for its fans around the world. Some of the fans felt that the critics had been too harsh on reviewing the movie. As some people said, not many movies have the guts to explore taboo topics like this movie. 365 days explore the idea behind erotica and sex, the topics which are still too weird to talk about in our society. Fans felt that the movie did live up to the hype and critics should appreciate the fact that this movie has the balls to explore the anti-mainstream topic that most movies tend to shy away from.