Scuba diving can be categorized as the most underrated sport in our country. Why is it happening? It is because scuba diving cannot be done without a license. There are a lot of best scuba diving locations in Malaysia and Indonesia. One can do scuba diving on their own after they receive the license for the activity. With scuba diving, you can explore with your own eyes the beauty of the sea and the life in it. Just choose the location and witness it yourself. One that has done scuba diving at least, will be addicted to it and will tell their friends to join it too. Scuba diving can be a fun activity if you do it right and you do it with your friend. 

People always do scuba diving in Pulau Tioman since it is the most famous place in Malaysia to do scuba diving and experience the beauty of life in the sea. Scuba diving also can be done inside the lake and not only on the sea. We can never expect what is inside the lake and maybe you can find something treasury inside the lake. Scuba diving is a fun activity whether you do it alone or with your friends and it can be done either under the sea or in the lake as has been mentioned just now. We have to know that scuba diving is quite different from snorkelling. Snorkelling is a simple diving activity that you can do without any certification and licencing, unlike scuba diving where it does need those things. You just have to know how to swim and there it is, you can do the snorkelling activity. The scuba diving is different from the snorkelling where you have to attend formal training and receive the certification before you do the scuba diving in an open area. 

There are a lot of best scuba diving across the country such as Tioman has been mention up there, you can also try to scuba diving as Pulau Perhentian at Terengganu or if you want to do the scuba diving at Indonesia, you can try it at Bali. There are a lot more interesting and best scuba diving places in our country and there are also a lot of hidden gems you have to find yourself in order to experience the beauty of the underwater life. 

All of this can seem boring and cannot convince you who does not scuba dive yet to do scuba diving. So, you have to experience it yourself and surely you will tell the same to your friends to join and try it too. It can be quite hard to do scuba diving because you have to spend quite a money to do scuba diving but if you think about it carefully, it is just the same as the other sports where you have to spend some money in order to fully enjoy the sport and meet the sports requirement. Again, try yourself to get the certification and experience it yourself the beauty of underwater life.