Everyone who is reading this article is considering venturing into a career as a real estate agent right?

If correct, I highly suggest you read this article afterwards. With God willing, after reading this article, you will be able to clear the picture about the career of this real estate negotiator (REN).

However, first thing you should do is decide to be either: 

1) Real Estate Agent or Real Estate Consultant?

Working as Property Agent

To your knowledge, to be a Real Estate Agent, you need to have a degree in real estate, either a certificate, diploma or degree. They then have to do an internship for 2 years and have to attend an interview by the Board of Assessors and Real Estate Agents. Upon graduation the new one can get a license and open a real estate agency.

Real Estate Consultants

The real estate agent will appoint a Real Estate Consultant to conduct real estate transactions. The commission will be divided between them and their agent if the consultant succeeds in selling the house.

Most people don’t know that consultants and real estate agents are different and think that the two are the same thing.

This article is intended for the general public. So, for ease of understanding, I will use the term Real Estate Agent as Real Estate Consultant.

Make Money As A Real Estate Agent

This is a question that will always play in your mind right? Let’s see how real estate agents make money.

Through Sales / Rental Commission

If you want to know, main income as a real estate agent is through sales. Usually this division depends on the seniority of a person in the agency.

Attorney Referral Fee

With this lawyer’s Referral Fee, I can say as a side income as a Real Estate Agent. The trick is, you refer buyers who are in the process of buying a home to a real estate lawyer you know and they will provide consolation as a token of gratitude.

It’s not as high as the house sales commission, but for me it’s okay to make a little extra money, right? If you can get a lot of referral fees, it’s okay too. Work is not difficult, by mistake you can pay for a monthly car.

Job Scope As a Real Estate Agent

As a Real Estate Agent, you will be dealing with two types of clients. Which is property owners and property buyers

  • Scope of work with property owners
  • Networking with property owners to list their properties in your listing
  • Bring potential buyers to the sales unit for viewing

 What are the Advantages of Real Estate Agents?

Owners/Buyers Will Notice A Significant Difference.

As a Real Estate Agent, you will have a significant impact on the owner/buyer because buying and selling real estate is a difficult decision. A real estate agent’s goal is to make it easy for property owners and buyers to make the best decision possible.

Unlimited Numbers of Income That You Can Gain 

Being a Real Estate Agent is similar to being the boss of your own company. You don’t have to set a wage. If you work hard, you can obtain more; if you are too lazy then you enjoy your basic salary.  However, if you decide to pursue a career as a real estate consultant, you can set your own financial goals. Looking for the best roof gutter in Malaysia?