Engineers, doctors, teachers, architects and any other job will be very useful for society. In this modern era, development of technologies is very important because we would want everything we have to be very helpful for us, especially to help ease our daily activities.

 Mechanical engineers are the people who learn mathematics and physics to design and create devices and machines that will help society in so many ways. Mechanical engineering is a field that helps with the development of society. There are few importance of mechanical engineering such as to ease our daily activities, help with climate change and help with global challenges.

Ease our daily activities

How does mechanical ease our daily activities? By designing and inventing new technologies.

The first one that we can see is the thing that almost everyone will have, which is mobile phones. With mobile phones, we are now able to communicate with everyone around the world in a fast and easy way. From only a basic mobile phone that only allows you to call, these engineers have made some innovations so now we can even send pictures, video call and even do our job using just a mobile phone.

Secondly, vehicles. Can you imagine how people used to commute from one place to another just by walking? That must be so hard. So, engineers have invented vehicles such as cars, bus, motorcycle, ship and airplane to help us commute faster and easier. It can be used to transport human and also non-living things such as food, clothes and furniture.

Next is washing machines and dryers. Decades back, people washed their clothes with their hands and it took longer time and more energy than it does now. With washing machines, we are able to multitask a few chores and jobs at one time because all you have to do is just put your dirty laundry in the machine and let the machine work. And dryers are very useful especially when it rains.

Help solve global challenges

Mechanical engineers are the most wanted people when a global crisis is happening.

Firstly, mechanical engineers solve problems for natural disaster.For example, when there are any landslides or earthquakes happening, surely there will be no electricity as all might have been disrupted during the accident. Mechanical engineers help with inventing the electric generators to generate electricity at that particular place.

Secondly, for the water crisis in a few parts of the world such as Ghana and Ethiopia. These countries lack clean water supplies for daily use such as for drinking and washing. Few machines have been invented to help with water contaminations such as The Desolenator and Fog Catchers.

All in all, these machines are designed and created by engineers around the world. Without these inventions, our lives may be hard and all these machines will have to be fabricated and manufactured perfectly before using it to achieve maximum performance.

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