This article mainly presents the contribution of Omron to the medical field in the past 88 years since its foundation. Before I touch on the highlights of this article, I would like to talk about the background of Omron corporation and its founder, Kazuma Tateishi. The Omron corporation was founded by Kazuma Tateishi in 1933 and currently its headquarter sits in Kyoto, Japan. The manufacturer mainly produces electronic items that mainly work for the medical field. As for the founder himself, Kazuma was inspired when he realised the need of X-ray timers to take X-ray photographs in a short and accurate time period. After endless testing and failures, he finally delivered a handmade prototype to a hospital in Osaka. Eventually, the prototype proved to be a great success that the hospital sent the prototype Dai Nippon X-ray Manufacturing co. for production. It was at this point that Kazuma began to embark on his milestone of innovation that determined the establishment of Omron. Now, Omron has been producing various electronics that range from UV light makers to power supplies and even medical appliances, like Oximeters and Blood pressure monitors. 

Contributions to the Medical field

As seen by most of us, the human population has been suffering from severe health issues ever since rapid development in urbanisation. By evaluating various forms of health data and behavioural information gathered through its sensing technologies, OMRON hopes to realise individualised medical treatment based on individually optimal medical programmes. As a result, the company focuses on three primary business domains: Cardiovascular Disease, Respiratory Disease, and Pain Management, to create and deliver novel products and services in each. Plus, the company will assist individuals all throughout the globe live healthier lives by doing so. These are revealed in the following statements below. 

  1. Cardiovascular Disease

The purpose of OMRON is to lower cerebrovascular/cardiovascular disorders induced by high blood pressure to near-zero levels, such as stroke and heart attack (Zero Events). This may be accomplished by OMRON giving highly tailored diagnosis and treatment services based on health data such as blood pressure measurements, as well as lifestyle and genetic information.

  1. Respiratory Disease

In addition to supporting treatment of asthma through the use of nebulizers, OMRON’s new technologies also enable the detection of signs of asthma and treatment of asthma attacks in the early stages. This will help reduce the incidence of severe asthma.

  1. Pain Management

OMRON aspires to assist all people live healthy and active lives by alleviating chronic pain in the legs, lower back, knees, and other areas that might limit everyday activities with its sophisticated drug-free pain management devices.

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