Those who want to improve their skills and enter the job market more quickly can enroll in a Diploma program. These programs are available in a variety of fields, and generally require less time to complete than other college programs.

Students who wish to join the medical profession as a nurse can study diploma kejururawatan. This field of study focuses on the prevention of disease, the alleviation of suffering, the advocacy of patients, the treatment of injuries, and the promotion of health advice.

Program goals

This program provides you with: 

1. Knowledge, skills, judgment, and attitudes are consistent with regulatory expectations for entry-level practice as a nurse within the Malaysian healthcare environment. 

2. The confidence to understand healthcare systems within a Malaysian context to practice safely, competently, and ethically as an entry-level nurse in Malaysia. 

3. Hands-on experience in Malaysian healthcare settings to improve and strengthen nursing knowledge and skills. 

4. Support in preparing for registration and licensing evaluations to successfully fulfill the registration requirements to practice as a nurse in Malaysia.

diploma kejururawatan

What are the functions of a Nursing Assistant?

The work that the auxiliary can develop within the hospitalization units, laboratory departments, delivery rooms or rehabilitation units, has the following functions: assist the patient in their daily activities, administer medications following the indications of the medical staff, prepare the patient for laboratory tests or diagnostic aids.

The Nursing Assistant is also in charge of accompanying sick people and newborn babies to the different services and plants assigned to them, until the end of the process in which they are already installed. In addition to supporting health promotion and prevention campaigns.

If you are thinking of studying Nursing Assistant, here are 4 reasons why it is a good option:

1. It is one of the programs with the highest demand

According to the Labor Observatory, the Health Programs are, on average, the ones with the highest demand and the best labor salary averages that range between $ 800,000 – $ 1,600,000 Colombian pesos per month.

Their care function and support to the health professional are vital in the work spaces where they work, such as clinics, hospitals, doctors’ offices, health centers and others. Shifts, rotations, and Sundays or holidays increase average earnings considerably.

2. Approach to the health sector

Nursing Assistants acquire the necessary tools to perform functions in a hospital, clinic or health institution through a complete theoretical and practical program.

3. Accessibility to various workplaces

The auxiliary may be part of the public or private health. Hospitals, clinics, geriatric centers, ambulances, outpatient clinics, clinical laboratories and specialized centers that constantly require the incorporation of new personnel, such as Nursing Assistants.

The most frequent professional opportunities for the Diploma in Nursing are:

The exercise of the profession is carried out in Hospitals, Clinics, Outpatients and Health Centers, both private, and dependent on the Health Service, or other institutions. Similarly, there are many professionals who choose to work in corporate health services. There is also the possibility of freely exercising the profession.