Malaysia has been promoted as the ultimate destination for students all over the world. As the numbers suggest, the campaign promote Edutourism in Malaysia has been truly successful. There are more than a hundred thousand international students in Malaysia residing in various corners of the country. From Penang to Cheras South, there are students from various countries getting the best of education in Malaysia. 

For years the Malaysian government has been working to ensure quality higher education in the country. A large reason to match the quality standard of education is to become the number one choice for students seeking higher education abroad. The influx of international students is not only beneficial to the universities and schools but also to the economic sector of the country. The revenue generated from foreign students is expected to grow above billions in the following years. The influx has done a great job at promoting Malaysia as an attractive place for a holiday. With the value of money, and amazing views and places to go to, it has become a popular destination. People appreciate the diversity of Malaysia and the flexibility they have in traveling around it. Foreign students have become a huge drive in the tourism industry. 

Cheras South

There are so many reasons why Malaysia has become the ultimate educational destination. Students choose Malaysia because of its varied choices of Higher education. Malaysia has a pool of both public, private and international universities. Compared to western countries, the tuition fee is so much lower and the quality is rather good. International students can have their choice of top universities around the world in Malaysia. Some of the more famous universities that compromise a large body of international students include Sunway University, Taylor’s University, University Of Nottingham, Monash University, and so on. 

Besides the affordability of higher education and its quality, international students also find fantastic experiences waiting for them in Malaysia. Adapting to the culture is not hard as the country is a melting pot of various cultures. Students are able to resonate with various groups of Malaysians and make friends from people of different racial and cultural backgrounds. University courses are not th only thing teaching them valuable lessons and sharpening their skills. Living among Malaysians creates open-mindedness as we are exposed to so many aspects of Malaysian life. 

Food and living in Malaysia are unbelievably cheap and affordable for international students. We can enjoy th best meal of our life in local restaurants for a price tag of only 3-4 USD. getting a comfortable one-bedroom apartment does not cost our entire wallet and lease agreements are fairly affordable as well. There are so many real estate agents in Malaysia that are ready to accommodate just foreign students and even help you connect with other foreign students to save up on costs. 

It is hard to pass up an opportunity to study in Malaysia where almost everyone speaks English and communication is also easier. You do not have to feel lost in the country as everything is digitally connected and people are friendly as well.