Jom Apply Time internet Malaysia

The introduction and the creation of the internet have been a blessing for us. It has given us many things and also given us new job opportunities with the creation of new jobs that require the internet to function. Besides that, many countries out there are doing the best of their ability to develop a faster internet speed such as the introduction of the 5g network in countries like:

  •  China 
  •  United States
  • South Korea

Even in Malaysia, we are also slowly moving that direction and even internet companies are often giving customers good packages, so Jom Apply Time internet Malaysia.

Digital navigation maps

First thing first, let us brief through on how the internet has helped us in this current time. The first example is digital navigation maps like Waze, Google maps, apple maps and so on. Now, with the creation of digital navigation maps, it is now easier than ever to drive to another destination without the worry of getting lost. Albeit, it is better to learn the directions, but this has certainly made our lives easier.

Access of Information

Secondly, it is easier to get access to information. Before the age of the internet, in order to get access to the information we need, we need to look for it in the book. Even with that, we could not get the information immediately as we need to slowly look for the specific information that is needed. Now, with the internet, it has gotten so easy to find the information we are looking for. However, with so many sources out there, we have to be careful of false information. Be sure to fact check whenever you can.


Next up, entertainment. The internet has given a new source of entertainment. Now, there are just so many things that we can watch to pass the time. For example, the likes of YouTube, Netflix, Twitch and many more video watching websites. So, if you find your tv cable to be slow of updates in terms of premiering new shows, watching online is the way to go. Legally.

Keeping in touch with loved ones

Last but not least, keeping in touch with friends or family members is extremely easy as in comparison with the past. Previously, some of the ways to keep in touch with friends or families is by calling them or sending them a handwritten letter. Or you bump into them in the street. Now, with the creation of social media, we get to keep in touch with our loved ones by just adding/following them on the respective social media application.


To conclude, these are just some of the examples of how the internet has helped us in this present time. We have certainly come a long way ever since the introduction of the internet. We are excited to see how technology improves in the future and see where it will lead us to. 

Jom Apply Time internet Malaysia