Are you about to walk the aisle? Are you ready to start a family and be a part of a serious relationship? You must feel in heaven right now? Sorry to burst your bubble, but you should also be prepared for the negative sides of a marriage. 

Yes, everything might be heavenly when you are starting a relationship, you might look at your partner like he is your ultimate hero, but you have to note that in a marriage, it will take two to tango in almost everything. Every participant should exert more effort, so you won’t end up wondering how annulled couples do. 

That is right as if you check the stats, about half of the marriages end up in divorce. Have you ever wondered what makes most marriages fail? Here are some of them:

  • One partner will start becoming secretive. This might not be the case at the start, as they are full of love and their eyes are glowing, they feel like they can tell the other partner everything about them. But in time, they will have resentments and will start to be secretive. This is usually the case and so, before this will happen to the both of you, try to be open to each other. 
  • Another reason is when one will try to compare their relationship with the others. This can irritate the other partner and then friction will start. The thing is, you might think other relationships are perfect while yours are not. But that is not the case all the time. Sometimes, they just act okay, but they are not really. Yes, they simply don’t want others to know they’re having problems as after all, they can’t help anyway. You should do the same thing. You should just focus on your relationship. 
  • When one of the spouses is not willing to give in or compromise. When you get married, you cannot just consider your preferences anymore. You also need to consider the other’s wants and dislikes. This is why there should be times when yours will be followed and the next is the other’s. This way, you will have a smooth-sailing relationship. 
  • When the other partner just keeps everything to himself. Maybe he is already depressed or mad, but he just acts as if nothing happens. This might be a better option at times, but definitely, this is not healthy. Yes, if you will just try to suppress your emotions to avoid conflicts, in time you will burst and you will feel resentment as well. So, you also need to express once in a while. 

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