What factors should I consider when choosing a home? Buying a home in Hulu Langat based on the condition of the house type and transport support has become an important factor influencing the majority of home buyers to buy a home.

If you don’t have a good location, you can save yourself by having good transport links, which can be divided into distance from work, distance from friends, distance from parents and relatives, and the length of time it takes to get to commercial centres, entertainment and leisure venues, all of which will have a profound effect on your future work, social circle and relatives.

The convenience and reasonableness of the supporting public buildings in the residential area, the convenience of the surrounding supporting services and the abundance of recreational and leisure facilities have a great impact on the quality of life of the residents and are one of the important criteria for measuring the quality of the residential area. The main categories for understanding the supporting conditions of a property are the surrounding facilities and the internal facilities of the district.

It is important to check whether the doors and windows are well sealed, whether the upper and lower floors have standard sound insulation performance, and whether the adjacent subdivided walls have good sound insulation and other construction quality issues; the residence should be kept at a certain distance from noise sources in the residential area such as schools and farmers’ markets; the bedrooms in the residence should not be arranged next to the lift to prevent noise interference.

Property management includes many aspects of security, maintenance, cleaning, landscaping and other aspects of a residential community, and is an important safeguard for residential life and an important aspect of the future development of the residential sector. Good property management will keep the quality of the property for a long time.

Environmental issues are becoming increasingly prominent, so air pollution, noise pollution, the threat of chemical plants, etc. have to be considered. The safety of the area must be considered. If you are old and frail, you have to consider the small environment in the area and the parks and activities outside. For young people, there is no need to think about the square with its walking paths and activities, but rather about parking and whether there are frequent traffic jams. The human factor is to consider the simplicity of the surrounding folklife, the stability of the law and order around the house at night, the harmony and beauty of the interpersonal environment and the ease of getting along with the people around.