You also want to know how to have Internet second home in white zone? In this case, you would have every interest in favoring a satellite Internet connection, very inexpensive.

time fibre internet

What about the temporary suspension of subscription?

Please note that it is no longer possible to suspend the Internet connection in your main residence, while you are traveling in your second residence. Discover the top unifi packages in Malaysia now.

This practice, which used to be common, is no longer accepted by ISPs. On the other hand, it is always possible to terminate the line for subscribers of non-binding packages to make a new subscription when you return.

Be careful, however, because cancellation fees are expected most of the time!

Find your Internet subscription for second home

Do you have a second home and are eligible for ADSL or Time fiber? Do you want to compare Internet offers and go on vacation with the best possible formula? You have come to the right place to purchase your Internet subscription for a second home!

  • With Unifi internet, you will finally benefit from optimal image quality on your television. Here’s why.
  • When you see the name of a channel on your television with HD (High Definition), it does not mean that you are enjoying such picture quality.
  • According to the Superior Audiovisual Council (CSA), in 2016 in Alsace television was watched 41.3% by ADSL, 37.4% by TNT, 23.4% by satellite and 25, 2% by cable. The total is greater than 100% due to the dual reception mode of some homes.
  • Let us now take a look at the main mode of television reception by the inhabitants of Alsace. In this case ADSL (the boxes of Internet Service Providers).

There, another CSA study tells us that 47% of people for whom ADSL is the main mode of reception report encountering frequent image freezes, 28% are faced with a short interruption of service, 22% encounter a long interruption and 24% are faced with zapping alterations.

The limits of ADSL

And that’s not all. With most Internet operators, it is necessary to have an ADSL connection with a minimum speed of 4 Mbps to be able to benefit from Internet television. This means that if you have a bitrate close to or lower, you will not be able to access the best quality high definition TV pictures.