The Best Jobs Fitting For The Pandemic

We are still living in a pandemic up to this day and hey, you have to admit that a lot of people everywhere are struggling to make ends meet. Some are still struggling to transition from physical work to everything being online. A lot are even struggling to put food on the table. Worst of all, many have even lost their jobs because companies are not making money to pay their employees so they are forced to get let go. However, we still have to get through this testing time so that we can come out on the other side of the door stronger and better. Still begs the question, how are we going to survive if we don’t make money? Well, you could try forex trading in Malaysia, but if that doesn’t guarantee you assurance, then fret not because there are a lot of jobs that do not require you to get out of your house.
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Calling all lovers of writing. Did you know that people are constantly looking for freelance writers to provide content? This job is super easy and could be fun for you if you genuinely enjoy writing. The best part is, you get to set your own price for your work. You could ask other freelance writers how they charge people and you could set your own pricing. Maybe base it on how much content is needed or how many words are written. You could earn RM250 per 600 words, and that’s only the base price. You can consider the hours you’re spending or the resources or tools that you need to pay for like plagiarism checking or grammar checking tools which usually require you to pay to get a proper check. Anyway, this job is perfect for this time since it earns you a lot of money all the while you are just staying home, away from the virus.
Web Designer/Developer
Of course, another job that requires a PC or a laptop. Well, there’s nothing much we can expect especially since we kind of have to stay at home. So yes web designing or developing. Everything needed for this job is obtainable from the comfort of your own home. Plus, you’d get big money for it. The average salary for web designers and developers in Malaysia is from RM3k up to RM60k. Thus, if you have a passion for web designing and developing, this is the perfect job for you to do at home.
If you’re an educator that has just been let go due to the pandemic, not to worry because you can also do that from home. There are so many platforms that allow you to still be face-to-face with your students while staying at home and keeping away from the virus, like Google Meet or Zoom. Plus, a lot of schools are shut down for the pandemic and people need tutors. So advertise yourself and get a few students. The average pay for a tutor in Malaysia is about RM33/hour and with a few classes with different students can earn you over RM400 per week.
Thus, do not let a pandemic stop you from earning money. There are even so many other ways to earn money so keep trying and keep going on. There are a lot of people struggling but let’s try to combat this pandemic and get it over it.