A new baby is born every hour of every day. You can find lots of excited parents-to-be couples who are waiting eagerly for the arrival of their precious baby if you go to the antenatal ward at any hospital. As much as the mother has to endure the long excruciating hours of pain when they are in labour, the moment they get to see their baby, it has always been described as magical and the pain they experienced right before dissipates. The part that comes afterwards can be something frightening but with the little bundle of joy in their arms, parents are willing to go through it as long as it means the good health of the baby, this is especially true for the mother. One of the parts that I mentioned is breastfeeding. For some mothers, breastfeeding can be very painful. There are many reasons that can cause this and instead of listing that, this article would list down tips on how to relieve the pain from breastfeeding.

1 – Make sure there is a good latch
One of the reasons breastfeeding can hurt is that your baby doesn’t have a good latch. When that happens, the baby’s tongue would start to rub or press onto the nipple and this would cause pain. In order to have a good latch, a mother must make sure that her nipple goes deep into the baby’s mouth, preferably until the back of the mouth so that they can get the milk out with their tongue without having to press on the nipple. They would also sometimes bite and chomp down on the nipple when they don’t get enough milk to satisfy them. They will eventually become fussy and restless because they are hungry but your nipple is in pain to provide them with milk. Thus, making sure they have a good latch is important to not experience pain when breastfeeding. This has been proven to be the best way to breastfeed.
2 – Wearing comfortable bra
I understand that some mothers wish to look good right after giving birth but you are already beautiful for giving birth to a baby because that requires courage and strength. It is okay to prioritize comfort over beauty. Wearing a loose bra rather than a snug one can help improve the milk circulation in your breast and that is important to ensure that when you breastfeed, the milk has a smooth flow for your baby. The problem that can occur when wearing a snug bra when you are breastfeeding is plugged duct. Your milk can become blocked because of the pressure on your breast. This would cause your breast to swell and your nipple to become sore. If this happens, try to moist heat your breast, rest, massage and empty it by feeding your baby. This would lessen the swelling and soreness and if you want, you can even buy nipple cream Malaysia to help with it.

3 – See a breastfeeding consultant
If you cannot identify the problem as to why it is painful when you breastfeed, then it is better if you can meet a specialist that can advise you on what to do. Certain problems are best solved by medical professionals. They have studied the majority of the possibilities and if anyone in the world has an answer, it is probably them.
Doctors have said that breastfeeding should not hurt, even for first-time mothers, if done right. With the right techniques and positions, breastfeeding can be a wonderful bonding experience with your child. If you are currently looking for products to help with your breastfeeding, you can check Lansinoh mother care essentials .