Nowadays it is vital to maintain a healthy diet, and nothing better to avoid falling into excesses than to prepare the tuppers well to take to the office. It may sound strange to you, but in some countries like the United States this has been common for decades and it is becoming more normal every day.

This practice can help you stick to your diet, avoid long meals, and enjoy a little more free time before going back to your chores. However, you have to know how to get the most out of lunchbox food. In this post you will find some tips to make the most of it.

The Support, How to Choose The Perfect Tupperware

easy to cook recipes

Food cannot be carried in just any container. Not only is the menu that we prepare to take away important, but also where we take it. This is something well known to those who work in the food industry. The reason? Many easy to cook recipes are perishable and need to stay at a specific temperature and conditions to prevent spoilage. And not all containers are suitable for it.

You will have to choose between a glass or plastic lunch box. The former are heavier, but easy to clean and keep in good condition. In the case of plastic ones, you should know that if the material is not suitable for food use, it is not advisable to use them, since their components could affect the food. If you choose the plastic ones, try to change them every few months after continuous use and make sure that the material is microwave-safe. Plastic deteriorates easily with use, as it is less hard and resistant than glass. When you cut or puncture food on it, it spoils and wears out, which can cause some of its particles to end up in your food. 

Planning Is Essential To Eat Healthy

easy to cook recipes

Eating healthy is not just based on eating the right foods, but also on following a meal order and specific amounts. Thus, it is necessary that you establish a menu for the whole week, being able to leave it ready on Sunday, keeping the containers in the fridge and consuming them depending on the day. You may think that it is a cumbersome task, but if you are already immersed in a diet it should not be a problem for you to adapt meals to the size of a lunch box.

The tuppers , fortunately, are marketed in all sizes and formats , so you will not have major problems in adapting each meal in terms of quantity. We recommend that you get different sizes of tuppers to take to the office, so that it is easier for you to transport and prepare your menus. For example, you have them small, to be able to carry a bit of fruit already cut or airtight, which will allow you to carry creams without spilling them on the way.

However, if you don’t know how to organize them, turning to the so-called Harvard plate can be a great idea. Behind this name is an orderly way of having all the nutrients in a single meal. According to this university, the ideal would be to have a plate in which half of the ingredients were vegetables and fruit, a quarter of whole grains and the remaining quarter, foods rich in healthy proteins.