Since the manufacturing industry is essential for Malaysia, the nation has invested in new branches of manufacturing industries to help economic growth. The most common manufacturing industry is the automobile manufacturing industry, but Malaysia has more than that. There are manufacturing industries like industries focused on frame structure machining Malaysia and industries that are focussed on industrial automation. These kinds of manufacturing industries have been contributing to the nation’s economy. Let us find out what are the top 4 manufacturing industries in Malaysia.

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Electrical And Electronics Manufacturing Industry

The electrical and electronics manufacturing industry is incharge of the production of electronic devices such as television, mobile phones, laptops, etc. Not only that, they are also involved in the productions of the electrical products that are used in electronic products. This field of manufacturing has caused Malaysia to delve into the world’s exporting industry by delving into the trade business of electronic and electrical products. JOI is one of the well-known brands that has electronic devices that are manufactured in Malaysia. 

Oil And Gas Manufacturing Industry

Malaysia’s prominent oil and gas company is Petronas, which is also known to have branched out internationally. Known as one of the largest oil-producing nations in the Asia Pacific, Malaysia has independently managed their oil and gas manufacturing industry to be one of the best in the market. The oil and gas industry is one of the largest contributors to the economic growth in Malaysia. The industry also has given job opportunities to fresh graduates, which allows them to work in either the local branch of the industry or the international branch of the industry.

Food And Beverage Manufacturing Industry

Malaysia’s food and beverage manufacturing industry has contributed to the economic growth through the mass exportation of the products. The high demand for the food and beverage manufacturing industry is because Malaysia is a multicultural nation. This has contributed to the production of varieties of foods and beverages that have sparked the curiosity of both the locals and worldwide. This enabled Malaysia to be involved in the food and beverage manufacturing industry internationally. In addition to that, the industry also imports food and beverages worldwide. The industry also has investors that enable foreign foods and beverages to be manufactured locally.

Rubber Manufacturing Industry

Malaysia has their own rubber manufacturing industry which caters to both the governmental and private sectors. Being one of the top rubber producers in the world, Malaysia has its own manufacturing industry which produces quality products from rubber. One of the well-known is Top Glove, which is the largest glove production factory in Malaysia. During the pandemic, they had produced an enormous amount of gloves that was a huge relief for healthcare employees in both the governmental and private hospitals. 

The manufacturing industry has helped in the economic growth of Malaysia, increased job opportunities and education to the locals. Focussing on the growth of the manufacturing industry could help Malaysia be one of the best manufacturers in the world, which could increase the rate of manufacturing businesses being invested in Malaysia.