One of the valuable moments of being a woman is when we achieve something on our own. Ever since we were little girls, we were taught we could depend on anyone especially on our parents. We were not taught to be independent, and even if there are some, we would not be let to do our things alone. Because generally, girls are fragile and sensitive, which is very cute. But because of that as well, our parents are scared to let us go and let us get hurt. With being independent, we feel empowered. We know our own potential and we prove it with our success. There are also so many successful women around the world that have proven that such as the Prime Minister of New Zealand, whose country went through a lot this year, but still be able to keep it together, give hope to her people, and keep the lowest cases throughout months during the pandemic. I mean, we definitely did not expect that from a woman leader, right?

Apart from that, another valuable moment is when we get married, obviously. Having and meeting someone, which is our soulmate can be hard and terrifying. Ever since ancient times, women are encouraged to not make the first move towards men. Therefore, over time it has become a tradition. Somehow it builds our insecurities towards ourselves. When no one admits their feelings for us, we feel not being liked and not deserving of love. But when there is, we feel like we are on top of the world. Especially when men get down on their one knee, and hold a ring for us.

Last but the same value moment from me in this article is giving birth to our own. Having a baby is such a wonderful feeling that can never be the same of what men feel when they have a baby. The reason why is because women go through so much with having the baby in their wombs for 9 months and 10 days. The morning sickness, cravings, kicking, not being able to sleep comfortably, even if it sounds so irritating, which can be sometimes, but that is what made the journey so memorable and valuable. After the baby has been born, you have to start buying Lansinoh mother care essentials , cream for sore nipples, silicone nipple shield Malaysia, and etc. It gets tiring at times, but women enjoy that because being a mother is a blessing as well.

To summarize, sometimes women appreciate and are thankful for having extreme feelings, because men would never understand this, but it makes our life incredibly joyful, which can only be understood by other women.