The role of wax emulsions in acrylic coatings, polyethylene wax emulsions can effectively improve the wear resistance of the paint film, the paint film is very smooth, effectively reducing the coefficient of friction of the coating, playing a non-adhesive role, but also to improve the service life of the product. The polyethylene wax emulsion has excellent resistance and is also very resistant. High-density polyethylene wax water-based emulsion also has the advantages of high hardness and high solubility point is a multi-purpose polyethylene wax emulsion, in hardness, breakage and elasticity can develop a balanced combination. As a famous company in the painting industry, 3D Resources provides premium acrylic emulsion malaysia to the clients. 

First, Ink can be added to the water-based ink to strengthen its anti-wear ability, but also to reduce the friction of the printed surface. Water-based wax emulsions are used as an additive in water-based inks to improve the surface properties of water-based inks after film formation and to give them better resistance to abrasion and scuffing. The wax emulsion can also be used as a matting agent and has a good matting effect.

Second, varnish due to the hardness of wax emulsions, wax emulsions used in paper and film packaging, etc. water-based varnish is particularly good. The amount of increase is usually 5-10% of the total composition.

Third, polyurethane coatings. Wax emulsions enhance the abrasion resistance of waterborne polyurethanes; they are used, for example, in sealants for wood panelling.

Four, floor waxes. Wax emulsions mixed with styrene-acrylic acid polymeric dispersions can be used as formulations for dry and glossy waxes. The hardness and resistance to breakage of the waxes make the floor waxes very strong and durable. They are compatible with all conventional polymer dispersions, resin solutions, plasticisers, film compositions and surfaces.  

Five,  textiles. The high hardness and low friction of the wax emulsion, combined with the high stability of the diluted emulsion, make it the ideal component for textile finishing applications; to enhance the sewing power, abrasion and tear resistance of textiles, etc.

Six,  paper and wood panel waxes can be used in the portfolio of film forming aids to enhance the resistance of paper to scratching and mechanical action due to the high hardness of the wax emulsions within them.

Water-based wax emulsions improve the abrasion, scratch and adhesion resistance of coatings. It can be used as a primer and topcoat for clear high gloss systems without affecting the clear gloss and recoatability. The wear resistance, scratch resistance, hardening, smoothness and adhesion resistance of the coating are significantly improved.