You need a laptop for your study. A lot of people out there agree with this matter because, in your study, some of the software is not available or not suitable for your mobile devices such as your smartphone. Universities or colleges do provide for students a computer but it is only in certain places such as libraries or computer labs. You also need your own internet connection in order for you to complete your tasks or assignments back in your own room because sometimes, the universities and colleges did not provide internet connection or WiFi in students’ rooms. You need a laptop in your study because it will help you a lot while doing your assignments or if you are doing part-time while you are studying in the university, a laptop will help you gain new experience and find extra money for you while the study in university or college. We can deny that a lot of apps developer out the is focusing on mobile apps development because a lot of people out there is more comfortable using the smartphone than a laptop. The mobile apps that we used are the only the best mobile app development companies Malaysia from their own productions. The company always selects the best mobile apps developments in order to give a lot of accessibility for the user later in the future after they finished the developments. 

A student needs a laptop because of their assignment. They can’t ever be completing their assignments without a laptop. We all know that the university does provide a computer for the students but the use of it is quite limited. With the amounts of the computer itself is not enough for students to use, the places they put the computer also quite limited and has their own schedule. The students will need to share with other students the same computer to do different assignments. We all also well informed that using a shared computer also leading to the spread of viruses on the computer that will make the students lose their assignments. It will waste their time after they finished it. They can borrow their friend’s laptop but what if their friend in need of their own laptop and you need to borrow it at the same time? It will one of them have ti sacrifice and give their friends a chance to complete their assignment and of course the student that did not have the laptop. Having your own laptop will also let you manage your own assignments files after you finished doing the assignments. Having your own laptop also lets you manage your own time. You do not have to rush to the libraries just to use the computer that the university provides for the students. You also do not have to borrow your friend’s laptop anymore because you have your own laptop to help you do your assignments. 

In conclusion, a student does need to buy their own laptop before continuing their study to the university or college. We know not everyone has the privilege to buy their own laptop and if that is happening, the student forced to use the computer that university provides and sort out themselves to complete their tasks. 

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